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Eleonora Velluto

Architect, Founder of HERA architects. born in Rome in 1992

Eleonora Velluto studied Architecture in the University of Roma Tre, completing her bachelor’s degree with full grades.
She got involved in several projects with the university, among which the European contest of Solar Decathlon 2012 for sustainable housing.

She completed her master studies at the Technical University of Munich with an experimental research thesis on outdoor climate comfort.

In 2017 She started to work in Munich in the studio Atelier Hybride, managing the designing and construction processes of energy efficient passive houses.

She then worked at Ackermann Architekten designing public and office buildings in the city of Munich.

She worked as logistic designer and workshop co-organizer for WomENcourage 2019, a conference that brings together women in the computing profession, held by ACM, the main Computer Science Association.

in 2019 she funds HERA architects, a female only association for research on habitat and environment in architecture who won the 1st prize at the Green and Landscape Festival.


2020 sees her back in Rome, working on projects for hospitals and office buildings. 


Besides, she is part of the start-up Hopp, an online platform for smart working which connects professionals worldwide. 

She also keeps on doing research in the field of machine learning, outdoor comfort and material physics.




skype: eleonora.velluto

Tel.: +39 393 9343923

Silvia Giachetti

HERA co-founder, architect and activist born in Rome in 1991.


Before graduating with honors in Architectural Design at Roma Tre university (2018), with a thesis in Mobility Strategy, Urban and Architectural Design published on her department’s site, Silvia has worked in various international firms among Europe, as Benedetti Architects in London (2016) and ABDR in Rome (2017).


She has a particular interest in new technology applications in Urban and Architectural Design and she studies new ways of interaction between people, the public offices and public spaces as it is shown by the civic projects “Intorno alle Mura di Roma” and “Ferrovie della Cultura”.


Currently she is working in 3TI progetti S.P.A. in Rome, where she is deepening her knowledge on large infrastructure projects all over the world.



Laura Manili

Laura is a young architect born in Rome in 1991 and is founding partner of HERA architects.

Graduated in Architecture at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in 2018 with an experimental thesis in design of urban public space. The main goal was to reconnect parts of cities and mitigate the effects of climate change, controlling temperature, humidity and pollution.

During the years of study in Rome, she focused on the relationship between people and the environment, how a place is lived in relation to the five senses and everything that affects them. In fact, in each project, is important the study of elements such as: soil, boundary conditions, water and vegetation.

Laura has worked in various firms in Rome, as Edifica 95 (2014) and Basement Studio (2018-2019).




Valeria Micara

After studying Philosophy in Bologna, where she achieved her bachelor with honors, she moved in the field of architecture at Università degli Studi di Roma Tre.

During her architecture studies she had the opportunity to make several international experiences as exchange student. In Hamburg at Hafencity University she learned an interdisciplinary approach to architecture, studying and working together with engineers and urban planners.

During her master, she spent one semester in Nantes at ENSA, where she had the chance to study raw clay architecture.

She achieved her Master in Architecture with a project of a inhabited bridge as a knowledge connector in the context of the Iba Heidelberg 2020 subject “Campus city, city as a campus”.

As a result of her eclectic education she sees Architecture as a way to face complex issues (cultural ,political, aesthetic) through design. Therefore her interest involves all the project scales from urban planning to construction details.

Currently she is working at Ackermann Architekten, an Architecture Office based in Munich where she is working in the field of office building and industrial architecture.



Sibilla Ferroni

Born in Rome in 1992.

She studied architecture at the University Roma Tre, where, in 2015, she graduated cum laude, with the thesis "Architettura: organismo e integrazione" (“Architecture: organism and

During the years of study in Rome, she focused on the technological aspects of the built environment, paying attention to materials and sustainability, through an integrative design approach.
In 2014 she fulfilled the role of teaching assistant in the course of Prof. Giovanni Formica "Fondamenti di meccanica strutturale" (“Fundamentals of structural mechanics”).

She studied at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen, where she attended the courses of computational design and “Climatic Responsive Buildings”.

After the German experience she got enrolled in the Master of Science course of Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano to deepen the technological aspects of architecture. Here she joined the workshop Acoustic Interfaces within the Act Lab,
working at the digital fabrication of acoustic panels in cork with CNC machines.

Afterword, she started an internship within the same laboratory, collaborating to the fabrication and assembly of the 3D printed
Trabeculae Pavilion.

Currently she is developing her master thesis on the performance analysis of advanced technologies for energy efficiency building, at the Department of Energy in PoliMi.

She’s interested in organic materials for architecture and their computational analyses in terms of heat and mass transfer, structural optimization by computational tools, integrative and adaptive design approach.



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